Wednesday, October 11, 2006

All Right, Smart Guys

I worked at a public university, Rutgers, for six years. I had a great time there except there's one thing about educational bodies when it comes to computing; they have no money. This is a good/bad arrangement - good because it encourages you to spend one's resources very efficiently, bad because, well, there's just never enough resources.

The exciting thing about this though is that we have some great examples appearing in universities, who are really taking the leadership for the green computing movement. Here's a nice one on how a lot of universities are switching to Sun and open source because its cheaper. But the real laurels go to (who else?) Harvard who has just launched a green campus loan fund. The deal here is that Harvard will fund green initiatives, with the fundee paying thm back in dollars saved. It's a great idea, those Harvard guys. All right.

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