Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Profitable Precycling of 12V Batteries

I've noted there's been quite a rash of ripping off the public infrastructure and selling it to scrap metal dealers to make a few bucks. Sadly, even some of the most promising new technologies, such as windfarms, have been hit by the vandals. There's a word for this type of activity; it's called 'theft'. Check here to further explore the term.

But what about this; say you go into a store and buy an item, then take it home and immediately disassemble it. Next, you sell the innards for profit - it's not theft, because you bought the item. Many people are referring to this clever method of extracting value as precycling.

Case in point today is this nifty trick with 12V batteries; as the video shows, you simply split them open to reveal eight 1.5V button-cell batteries; these can cost up to $5 if purchased singly. The profit is handsome; a two pack of the 12 Volters cost $1.66, which will produce 16 new button batteries worth around $80. This guy confirmed the story for 9V cells, although it's not clear if it works for all brands; better stick with the one in the video. :: Wisebread :: xkcd

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