Thursday, June 29, 2006

Welcome to ecoIron.

Hi. I'm Mark. This is my first post on a blog devoted to following green computing trends throughout the world. Green computing is an idea that has been around for several years, but is really jetting off. It's pretty simple really; come up with ways to streamline your IT operation to:

  • Reduce IT costs.
  • Reduce environmental impacts.
  • Change user's hearts, minds, and habits.

When I give talks on this, topic a lot of people, particularly IT people, point out that they are already doing this. They are already choosing the best equipment for their corporation, it is already being managed. I ask them:

"Do you see the electric bills? Because that new server you just bought cost more to run in power than to buy."
"Why do you support 500 desktops a year that are only 2% utilized? "
"Why are the shipping your old computers to China to be burned in open pits by children?"

It's this kind of stuff. Way back when computers were big and heavy; they called them "Iron". I think we stil need the "iron", but in a different configuration, a green configuration. That's ecoIron.

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